Our agricultural technology highlights at Agritechnica 2023


The trade fair week from November 12 to 18 was characterized by exciting new contacts and inspiring discussions. We were delighted with the exceptionally high level of interest in our latest product, the SprayING precision spot sprayer.

The Spot Sprayer is equipped with an AI-based camera system that ensures precise differentiation between crops and weeds. This enables efficient and precise application of the pesticide. This in turn reduces the use of pesticides to a minimum. Our Spot Sprayer can be used not only for herbicide application, but also for fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.

Our stand offered much more than just our spot sprayer. We also presented our other products and machines:

  • SteerING 2 automatic steering system
  • ShiftING 2 sliding frame
  • InRowING chipper
  • Vidar autonomous mower with chipper

Our automatic steering system from price-performance leader FJ Dynamics impresses with a steering accuracy of 2.5 cm and thus improves the quality of life in agriculture.

With our sliding frame, automated row guidance is also possible with conventional hoeing machines, and the AI-based camera system reliably distinguishes between crops and weeds.

Precise and efficient row chipping – our chipper makes it possible. This not only minimizes manual weeding, but also increases the yield.

Vidar, our autonomous ride-on mower has 3 different operating modes to give you maximum flexibility. In addition to the classic application of lawn mowing, it is also an ideal carrier machine for vegetable growing. We develop various trailers, such as hoes, harrows, etc. And enable automated work in vegetable cultivation.

During our time at Agritechnica, we were able to establish valuable contacts, hold stimulating discussions and expand our network.

Our Agritechnica promotion is also almost sold out. Take advantage of the last chance and secure our steering system and receive 2 accessories of your choice free of charge. Only while stocks last and cannot be combined with other promotions and discounts. Choose between the following accessories:

  • Wifi camera
  • Bluetooth switch
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