Making the world sustainable through smart agricultural technology.

Making the world sustainable through smart agricultural technology.


We are the partner for engineering services and complete products for sustainable agricultural technology. Farm-ING combines decades of engineering knowledge and practical expertise with the trends of the future.

We specialize in mechanical engineering, AI, robotics, mechatronics, GIS & drone deployment, all combined with field deployment. We also focus on field robotics and automation.

For agriculture, this means a lot of potential savings in crop protection. In addition, agriculture benefits from higher yields and fewer weeds in the field. In this way, we not only strengthen (organic) agriculture, but also increase nutritional quality and food security.



Our products support a sustainable
and productive agriculture.


We offer our know-how also as service for other agricultural engineeringnterprise an  

Making the world sustainable through smart agricultural technology.


Founded as Sole proprietorship are we meanwhile eight employees:inside in the various departments. The Majority from us has a agricultural Background, therefore know we the everyday Challenges the Farmer:inside. With our daily do would like we the agriculture sustainable improvern.


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The stirring machine and the shifting frame will be directly at us at Waldviertel producedt. Also Prototypes for our customers build we build in our in-house production.

Our Smart Farm Equipment is both for the biological, as also the conventional agriculture suitable. Through the Insert our Products can to Example also in the conventional agriculture the herbicide use reduces be.

Shh! Here we are strictly in“stealth mode” for our customers. They appreciate that partnerships with us are kept secret until product launch (and sometimes beyond). We also keep confidential which suppliers and technology partners we use and pass on to our customers.

This much can be revealed. We are contracted by large international agricultural machinery manufacturers as well as innovative farmers from the region who want special machines for their business.

Our customers are both Private- as as well as corporate customers. We offer at service area and also at ourn Products/Smart Farm Equipment the Solutions for Farmer:inside ebenso as for other Agricultural machinery company an.



Agricultural technology internship at Farm-ING

Summertime is internship time. And we have also had dynamic support over the last six weeks. After our trainee Tobias had successfully completed his HTL school education, he wanted to gain experience as a technical designer during an agricultural engineering internship. “My activities were mainly in the design of sheet metal assemblies as well as the design of new agricultural equipment. In the process, I spent a lot of time in the engineering office, but I also enjoyed the variety between the office and the workshop”, Tobias reports. “I had the opportunity to incorporate my own ideas into projects and

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Launch ShiftING Frame 2 – Upper Austria Vegetable Field Day 2022

On Wednesday, August 17, we can finally present our newest product – our shifting frame “ShiftING Frame 2”. We will demonstrate the shifting frame for the first time as part of the Vegetable Field Day 2022 on the theme of “Hoeing in the rows”. Advantages With our shifting frame, any conventional chipper becomes Smart Farm Equipment. The AI-based camera system can automate row guidance and remove weeds. This not only increases efficiency, but also the enjoyment of mechanical weed removal. For more information, visit If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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