Making the world sustainable through smart agricultural technology.

Making the world sustainable through smart agricultural technology.


Your partner for engineering services and complete products in the field of sustainable agricultural technology. We combine decades of engineering knowledge and practical expertise with the forward-looking trends in the industry.

Our expertise covers various fields such as mechanical engineering, artificial intelligence, robotics, mechatronics, GIS and the use of drones – all with direct field relevance. We are particularly specialized in field robotics and automation.

For agriculture, this opens up enormous savings potential in the area of crop protection. In addition, agriculture benefits from higher yields and fewer weeds in the field. In this way, we not only strengthen (organic) agriculture, but also increase nutritional quality and food security.



Our products support a sustainable
and productive agriculture.


We offer our know-how also as service for other agricultural engineeringnterprise an  

Farm-ING Team
Making the world sustainable through smart agricultural technology.


Founded as a sole proprietorship, we are now twelve employees in a wide range of specialist areas. Most of us have an agricultural background, so we know the everyday challenges of farmers. With our daily work, we want to improve agriculture in a sustainable way.


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The stirring machine and the shifting frame are produced directly at our company in the Waldviertel. We also build prototypes for our customers in our own production facilities.

Our Smart Farm equipment is suitable for both organic and conventional farming. By using our products, for example, the use of herbicides can also be reduced in conventional agriculture.

Shh! Here we are strictly in“stealth mode” for our customers. They appreciate that partnerships with us are kept secret until product launch (and sometimes beyond). We also keep confidential which suppliers and technology partners we use and pass on to our customers.

This much can be revealed. We are contracted by large international agricultural machinery manufacturers as well as innovative farmers from the region who want special machines for their business.

Our customers are both private and corporate. In the service sector and also with our products/smart farm equipment, we offer solutions for farmers as well as for other agricultural technology companies.



Our agricultural technology highlights at Agritechnica 2023

The trade fair week from November 12 to 18 was characterized by exciting new contacts and inspiring discussions. We were delighted with the exceptionally high level of interest in our latest product, the SprayING precision spot sprayer. The Spot Sprayer is equipped with an AI-based camera system that ensures precise differentiation between crops and weeds. This enables efficient and precise application of the pesticide. This in turn reduces the use of pesticides to a minimum. Our Spot Sprayer can be used not only for herbicide application, but also for fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers. Our stand offered much more than just

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5 advantages of the gps steering system

5 Advantages of the GPS steering system

The AT 2 automatic steering system from price/performance leader FJ Dynamics is a breakthrough feature that guarantees an improvement in the quality of life in agriculture. The GPS guidance system is a proven system that has already inspired more than 60,000 farmers worldwide. It offers a variety of benefits that make it easier for farmers to work in the field. 5 Advantages of the automatic steering system: Steering accuracy of 2.5 cm Wide range of applications – all year round Simple one-man installation Saving time, money and resources Extensive compatibility Precision at centimeter level By optimally combining GNSS with the

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