5 Advantages of the GPS steering system

5 advantages of the gps steering system

The AT 2 automatic steering system from price/performance leader FJ Dynamics is a breakthrough feature that guarantees an improvement in the quality of life in agriculture. The GPS guidance system is a proven system that has already inspired more than 60,000 farmers worldwide. It offers a variety of benefits that make it easier for farmers to work in the field.

5 Advantages of the automatic steering system:

  1. Steering accuracy of 2.5 cm
  2. Wide range of applications – all year round
  3. Simple one-man installation
  4. Saving time, money and resources
  5. Extensive compatibility

Precision at centimeter level
By optimally combining GNSS with the RTK correction signal, you experience an amazing steering accuracy of 2.5 cm.

In which tasks does the GPS guidance system support me?
The GPS steering system inspires with the multitude of possible applications. Use the system all year round from tillage to harvest and make your work in the field easier.

Can the installation be carried out independently?
For technically minded farmers, installation is done in no time at all. With the step-by-step video instructions, the installation can be done easily and conveniently.

Save time, money and resources
The precise operation reduces overlaps and saves the farmer valuable time, money and resources, such as seed. The driver is relieved and can devote himself to other important tasks (or check social media).

Can the AT 2 system be used on all devices?
The GPS steering system is compatible with a wide range of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery of several brands. This compatibility allows farmers to take advantage of the GPS guidance system in different work areas.

Overall, the FJ Dynamics automatic steering system offers remarkable aspects that help make farming livable again. Have we aroused your interest? We are your contact for GPS steering systems.

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