SteerING 2

Automatic steering system

Our automatic steering system improves the quality of life in agriculture.

Save time, money and resources
By precisely reducing overlaps, you save valuable time, money and resources, such as seed and co.
2.5 cm steering accuracy
Experience impressive steering accuracy through the perfect combination of GNSS with an RTK correction signal.
Stress-free driving experience
Our steering system relieves you as the driver so that you can concentrate fully on other tasks, such as operating attachments.
Automatisches Lenksystem SteerING 2 4-Komponenten-System

Simple 4-component system

The 4-component system enables easy assembly and compatibility with all common tractor models.

  • Touchscreen operator terminal
  • GNSS antenna incl. sensor
  • Steering wheel with steering wheel motor
  • Steering angle sensor
smart farmers worldwide trust FJ Dynamics.
Suitable for the whole season
Use the system all year round from tillage to harvest and make your work in the field easier.
Easy installation
For technically minded farmers, installation is done in no time at all.
Extensive compatibility
The GPS steering system is compatible with a wide range of tractors, harvesters and other agricultural machinery of several brands.


Wifi Kamera


Bluetooth Schalter

External Bluetooth

U Turn

Unlock code

The Wifi – camera supports as a back-up monitoring or monitoring of work tools.

Frequently used controls can be quickly operated via remote control.

With the activation code, you can perform a fully automatic turning operation at the headland.


The SteerING 2 auto-steer system uses GNSS and RTK to navigate tractors along straight lines, curves or concentric circles with centimeter (2.5 cm) accuracy.

Straight ahead, cornering, pivot mode
Field management
Creates field profiles to store boundaries, guidelines, tasks, etc.
Area recording
The surfaces worked under automatic and manual steering are measured in real time.
Manual interventions
For safety reasons, there are two modes for manual intervention.
U-turn on headland
Route planning, field navigation, U-turns and tight headlands - all fully automated.
GIS information
When importing and exporting, the .SHP (SHX/DBF/SHP) and .ISOXML formats are supported.
Tilt compensation
Integrated tilt and acceleration sensors provide terrain compensation so lines are just as straight on sloped fields as they are on flat ground.
Work Equipment Library
Width and offset values of the implements can be stored in the system.