Field tests in Spain: Farm-ING on an innovation tour

At Farm-ING, we continuously strive for improvements in our machinery. Our aim is to meet the demands of vegetable farmers. For this reason, we recently deployed our InRowING cultivator and the Spot Sprayer SprayING under real conditions in Spain.

The early start to the season in Spain and the knowledge of the numerous local lettuce farmers provided us with a unique opportunity to test our cultivator in an environment that differs significantly from Central Europe. The challenges in the field were substantial: scarce natural water resources resulting in extensive irrigation, leading to heavily crusted soils. However, these conditions precisely allowed us to refine our cultivator further. We tested various speeds and protection zone sizes of the machine in lettuce fields, as well as the user-friendliness of the software, to ensure that our cultivator meets the current needs of farmers.

Discussions with local lettuce farmers were extremely enlightening. Through their feedback, we gained important insights that directly influence the development of our technology and enable comparisons with other cultivators. With the support of our partners on-site, we tailored the machine to specific requirements and can also utilize it for the Central European market.

The results are already incorporated into our serial deliveries. Thus, our customers are always up to date with the latest in technology and technique.

InRowING weeder

Additionally, we
presented our Spot Sprayer SprayING, an innovative solution for reducing
pesticide usage. Together with leading vegetable farmers, we discussed the
machine’s requirements in vegetable farming. The demo machine enabled us to
gather experiences to further optimize spot accuracy and software.

Our goal is to forge new paths through partnerships locally and in Central Europe, making agriculture more sustainable. Reducing herbicides and applying active ingredients selectively is our sustainable goal. Therefore, we invite you to accompany us on this development with your requirements. Follow us to stay updated, and contact us if you are interested in a demo. We are open to new partnerships and look forward to shaping the future of agriculture together.

SprayING spot sprayer