Die Welt nachhaltig machen durch intelligente Landtechnik

Farm-ING Smart Farm Equipment, gegründet von Gregor Witzmann im Jahr 2021, ist ein junges Unternehmen, das Produkte im Bereich der Automatisierung in der Landtechnik entwickelt. Das Unternehmen hat seinen Sitz in Österreich und beschäftigt derzeit mehr als 15 Mitarbeiter mit einer rasanten Wachstumsrate. Farm-ING ist Ihr Partner für Ingenieurleistungen und Komplettprodukte im Bereich der nachhaltigen, effizienten und umweltfreundlichen Landtechnik. Das Unternehmen verbindet jahrzehntelange Ingenieurskompetenz und Praxiswissen mit den zukunftsweisenden Trends der Branche.

Interview mit Gerhard Zimmermann, CO-Founder & CTO bei Farm-ING Smart Farm Equipment GmbH. 
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Easy Engineering: What are the main areas of activity of the company?
Gerhard Zimmermann: Farm-ING offered engineering services to finance the development of their own technology and machines. Their main technological focus is on plant recognition using AI to find the right plant in the field, and to take care of and process it accordingly. With this technology, they offer different innovative machines for sustainable weed eradication, because they are hoping for a greener and brighter future in agriculture.

Easy Engineering: What’s the news about new products/services?
Gerhard Zimmermann: Farm-ING specializes in creating cutting-edge agricultural machinery tailored for organic and sustainable farming, with a primary focus on digital agricultural technology. Their products are an array of smart agricultural tools and components — from an automatic row guidance system to a fully automatic mechanical InRow-weeder, to a high precision SpotSprayer. Combined with existing ag-robots the task can be carried out fully autonomous. 

While they are working on equipment in a variety of areas, they all focus on making AI technologies for practical agricultural use. The heart of their design process is understanding the core needs of farmers, and they aim to optimize the interaction between their customers, the equipment and the environment. 

Farm-ING is pleased to announce that the InRowING weeder is ready for the market and can be delivered to some vegetable growers this year. With the InRowING, farmers can chop effectively and precisely while minimizing expensive manual labour. The state-of-the-art camera system, which is based on artificial intelligence, detects crops and unwanted weeds in the early stages of growth and combats them automatically.

Furthermore, the development of the SpotSprayer SprayING is very advanced and this year Farm-ING will do demos together with customers. The AI-based camera system enables precise differentiation between crops and weeds. The individual control of each nozzle and the ultra-short reaction times of the valves enables precise application of the crop protection product.

Easy Engineering: What are the ranges of products/services?
Gerhard Zimmermann: 
Farm-ING offers a diverse range of products and services tailored to the agricultural sector. Their in-house manufactured products utilize artificial intelligence and camera systems developed also in collaboration with Partners, to automate various agricultural processes. Additionally, the company serves as a dealer for FJDynamics, providing customers with GPS-based steering systems and autonomous lawn mowers. With a team deeply rooted in agricultural backgrounds, Farm-ING benefits from a unique understanding of the industry’s nuances and subtleties. Recognizing the importance of flexibility, the company encourages outside-the-box thinking within their team and values external perspectives.

Easy Engineering: What is the state of the market where you are currently active?
Gerhard Zimmermann: Farm-ING operates in a market where agricultural technology is rapidly advancing, with a growing emphasis on automation and sustainability. While the industry sees increasing adoption of heavy machinery integrated with advanced technology, there are challenges in ensuring seamless integration and safe operation. Farm-ING addresses these challenges by maintaining a diverse team of experts in mechanical engineering, AI, camera systems, robotics, GIS, and agricultural technology.


Their product line reflects a commitment to enhancing sustainability and automation in agriculture. Key products focus on reducing pesticide usage through mechanical AI-driven weed control solutions for row crops, utilizing advanced plant recognition and localization technology. Moreover, Farm-ING is developing high-precision spot sprayers to minimize environmental impact through precise pesticide application.

In the broader market context, there is a growing demand for innovative solutions to improve efficiency and sustainability in farming. Farm-ING aims to meet this demand by combining AI-driven technologies with cutting-edge robotics to achieve complete autonomy in farming processes, thus revolutionizing agricultural practices for a greener future.

Easy Engineering: What can you tell us about market trends?
Gerhard Zimmermann: The demand for sustainable food is growing rapidly, yet challenges such as labor shortages persist. As a result, automation and AI are becoming increasingly vital in agriculture. These technologies not only address labor limitations but also enhance efficiency and sustainability, making them essential components of the future agricultural landscape. This indicates that our developments are on the right track.

Easy Engineering: What estimations do you have for the beginning of 2024?
Gerhard Zimmermann: Farm-ING anticipates a period of significant growth and innovation in the beginning of 2024. Leveraging their expertise in agricultural engineering, technology, automation, AI, and robotics, the company is poised to introduce a range of groundbreaking products with substantial market potential. These innovations will continue to advance Farm-ING’s mission of creating a greener, more efficient, and sustainable future for farming.

Furthermore, Farm-ING’s dedication to quality design and engineering, coupled with the adoption of AI-assisted design tools, positions the company for success in meeting the evolving demands of the agricultural technology market. As they continue to innovate and expand their product offerings, Farm-ING anticipates seizing new opportunities and further establishing themselves as leaders in the industry.

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Gerhard Zimmermann, CO-Founder & CTO