Smart Farm Equipment

Crop Care

InRowING Weeder

The InRow weeder enables effective and precise hoeing for farmers. The state-of-the-art camera system with artificial intelligence detects crops and unwanted weeds at an early stage and combats them automatically. The modular design allows quick adaptation to different row numbers and widths. This saves time, money and yields through effective weed control. Discover the potential of the InRow hoe for yourself and be inspired!

ShiftING Shifting frame


Our shifting frame ShiftING with AI-based camera system can be any conventional chipper to automate row guidance. The shifting frame is driven either hydraulically or by two electric linear actuators.


SprayING Spot Sprayer


Precise application of the crop protection agent thanks to the individual control of each nozzle and the high frequency of up to 100 times per second. The AI-based camera system enables precise differentiation between crops and weeds. The Spot Sprayer SprayING can be used not only for herbicide application, but also for fungicides, insecticides and fertilizers.




ROBOTTI performs high-precision, site-specific agricultural work. It can be used for seeding, hoeing, spraying and fertilizing in conventional and organic farms.

Steering systems & Co.

Automatic steering system

Automatisches Lenksystem SteerING 2

The FJD AT2 auto-steer system uses GNSS and RTK to
navigate tractors along straight lines, curves or concentric circles with centimeter (2.5 cm) accuracy.

Guidance system


The FJD AG1 offers a variety of guidance lines, including straight line, curve A+ line, pivot, and line group, catering, catering to diverse field shapes and operational requirements. Additionaly, it supports guidance line translation and data transfer in multiple formats, providing exceptional performance at an affordable entry level price.

Professional robotic lawnmower

Autonomous ride-on mower

Vidar im Einsatz - Perfekt für Golfplätze und Thermenanlagen

Vidar is a breaktrough autonomous electric lawn mower with three different operating modes to give you maximum flexibility. This saves costs while delivering superior mowing performance and versatility. Perfect for puplic lawns, sports field, golf courses, gardens, green areas of non-profit or commercial buildings.

All-electric ride-on mower

Vollelektrischer Aufsitzmäher ZTR

The ZTR mower is a versatile, electrically powered lawn mower with intelligent driving functions and the option of using a mobile power supply. Maintain your garden all year round with the accessories for mowing, leaf vacuuming or snow clearing.

Robotic mower

The FJD RM21 Robotic Mower is the perfect solution for professional lawn care providers who demand efficiency and reliability. Designed for multiple scenarios, including sports fields and orchards, the RM Series features an intelligent control system, pure electric drive, and a large-capacity battery to maximize mowing efficiency, save time, effort, and cost. The pure electric design eliminates oil leaks and grass damage.

Biodynamic agriculture


In biological dynamic agriculture the stirring machine is used is used for the production ofparates. Our stirring machine is convincing due to the sophisticated control, the flexible filling quantity and an optimal stirrerild.